Stockton's Cesar Chavez Library Landscape Beautification Complete

The refurbishment of the Entry Courtyard at the Cesar Chavez Central Library in Downtown Stockton was recently completed.  Under the leadership of landscape architect, Jeff Gamboni, Stockton Beautiful designed the renovations and obtained approval from the City of Stockton to implement the plans.  The project includes the replacement of the irrigation system with an efficient sub-surface water distribution system.  Some of the existing mature plants such as the dramatic Giant Bird of Paradise and the flowering Chaste Tree were retained while the bare areas have been planted with drought tolerant, low maintenance, ornamental specimens.  The design seeks to enhance the experience of visitors to the Library throughout the year as they walk through the new oasis-like environment in the refreshed sunken garden.


Last year Stockton Beautiful raised almost $15,000 toward the funding of this project.  Since that time we received a grant from Stockton Rotary for $6,000.  That leaves a gap of $16,000 that we are still seeking in order to enable us to do additional work here and elsewhere in our fair City.  Your donations are welcome and please consider becoming a member of our organization which will continue with your help and support to beautify Stockton. For more information and to make a donation, click on the JOIN US button below.